Situation information for better decision making

With Fliq IoT you can connect your factory’s devices and machines easily to Fliq Platform: measure, automate and manage production processes globally from anywhere remotely. You can utilize data in decision making, automating processes, as a reference or for example measuring or validating quality. You will be able to notice changes in process efficiency and can react fast to faults, such as bottlenecks and quality issues.

Fliq IoT makes it possible to connect wireless sensor networks to Fliq Platform. We utilize mainly sensors that support Finnish Wirepas Massive Connectivity technology. You can choose from several manufacturers’ sensors for different needs. In addition to information produced by factory automation and wireless sensors, information from third party systems and databases can also be connected to Fliq IoT.

Creating a base for your factory’s digital twin

With Fliq IoT you can create a base for your factory’s digital twin. This makes it possible to monitor and measure production processes easily in real time. You will receive data on the state and performance of machines, along with necessary alarms and messages about unusual events – all in one 2D or 3D user interface.

Fliq IoT and Fliq Smart Maintenance work seamlessly together: you can create a predicting maintenance planning program based on automated data in an instant, control the data and localization of devices and perform remote surveillance. Wireless multi-sensors are easy and flexible to connect to processes and condition surveillance.

See Treon Industrial Node example!

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