FLIQ Smart Maintenance

Smart maintenance

Fliq Smart Maintenance monitors and measures performance, reacts proactively and automatically regulates maintenance plans according to data. Smart Maintenance works seamlessly with our production planning and resourcing module (Fliq Workflow) . This makes leading with data very concrete.

With the help of Fliq Smart Maintenance, planning maintenance tasks is effortless and quick as the system automatically regulates plans according to real-time and collected data. The data guides and optimizes maintenance and production resources, allowing maintenance to be timed in a way that production blocks can be minimized. By utilizing data, maintenance is changed from reactive to proactive which improves the usability of machines and lengthens their lifetime.

Fliq Smart Maintenance gives you control over your machines’ maintenance, making production planning and upkeeping easier. Easy-to-use mobile tools make managing tasks and reporting even more efficient.

Wireless condition control 24/7

Smart Maintenance connects critical devices wirelessly to continuous surveillance, reacts to unusual events of machines and production environment and predicts the need for maintenance. This way maintenance can be conducted right away and before the situation escalates. Quick reactions minimize risks for production blocks and larger machine breaks. Our Pluq and play implementation system supports products from several different sensor manufacturers.

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