FLIQ Digital Lean

Tools to support continuous learning and developing for your Lean journey

Start digitizing everyday operations with Digital Andon

Digital Andon is one of our Lean tools. It’s a communications system that communicates with your whole organization in real time and is suited for any production facility.

The visually clear and color-coded Digital Andon reacts to unusual events, alerting people of charge to the scene, and offers solution options for the situation to help quicker decision making.

Digital Andon collects data continuously. With the help of data, the organization can learn and develop better operating models that save time, make communication between different departments easier, create smoother logistics, and minimize risks related to different operations. 

Digital Andon is easy to use and can be implemented effortlessly and quickly. Payback begins right from the first Andon call.

Read more about Andon here: LOAD PDF


Fliq Kaizen increases productivity and works as a tool for continuous improvement

Fliq Kaizen is a Lean tool that is used to manage the development of production processes. With the help of this tool, you will decrease lead times, make processes more efficient and increase job satisfaction.

With this tool, you can harness all your organization’s knowhow into use and take forward tasks benefitting continuous improvement in a controlled way from start to finish. Fliq Kaizen includes your whole staff in the process of continuous improvement.

The Kaizen tool offers an opportunity for everyone to follow the factory’s development and progress of different tasks: you can follow numeric or practical outcomes that implemented changes bring to production lines or the results of production. The system allows you to also create separate Kaizen teams that can be rewarded according to accomplished results.

One of the elements supporting smooth processes in Fliq Kaizen is the easy mobile display that allows you to accept or decline tasks and follow their progress. Our Lean tool records all tasks that can be examined even after years.

Include your company’s every staff member to continuous improvement and monitor how ideas are put to practice and what benefits they bring!

Read more about Fliq Kaizen here: LOAD PDF


For businesses or organizations looking to improve their Lean and Operational Excellence functions.

Improve productivity in your daily operations with the Digital Andon™ productivity tool

  • Send messages, alerts and service requests with one button push
  • Track factory floor performance
  • Get real-time data, insights and remove bottlenecks
  • Desktop or Tablet/Mobile application
  • No need for hardware!
  • Superfast fully remote ramp-up in 3 days!
  • Access to Fliq platform, integrates with all other platform products

incl. 10 targets,
per month billed monthly, unlimited user amount

+40€ /additional target/month
Installation fee 4.200€

Most popular option!


For Lean and Operational Excellence professionals looking to get ahead of the competition.

Everything in Basic, plus:

Digital Kaizen™ innovation and daily improvement tool

  • Activate and log all internal ideas and innovations. Engage and Co-create!
  • Improve innovation and enable digital capabilities on the shop floor


Digital 5S™ – auditing tool for positive workplace environment and increased productivity

  • Organize & audit your factory processes.
  • Increase employee satisfaction and productivity

incl. 10 targets,
per month billed monthly, unlimited user amount

+40€ /additional target/month
Installation fee 6.200€ (upgrade fee 1.400€)


For large factories and/or complex processes who want advanced customization and support.

Everything in Professional, plus:

  • Customized workflow and automation
  • Customized UI and design
  • Integrations

Fliq 5S is an audit tool

With the Digital 5S ™ audit tool, you ensure a continuous, safe and productive work environment. It is a method that focuses on organizing and standardizing working methods to avoid waste, eliminate non-value-adding activities, improve quality and safety, and create a visually pleasing and efficient workplace. The service allows you to define, audit, and track productivity performance by organization and device.

Fliq 5S is an easy-to-use audit tool to support factory operations.

  • Sort
  • Straighten
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain


Read more about the 5S audit tool