FLIQ Dashboard

Better and faster decisions

Fliq Dashboard is a tool that is used to create an interactive and visual situation view to follow processes, important business indicators and the overall performance of a factory. The tool can read information from several different sources. Fliq Dashboard offers a real-time and automated visual view of the most important performance indicators that can be used to recognize targets and areas that need attention.

We analyze the existing data and visualize it into a form that helps you make better and faster decisions along with making your organization’s operations more efficient. Fliq Dashboard visualizes processes and work flows in a desired form into one centralized system, even in real-time, by combining data from the factory and its devices along with outside databases.

You can build your own views and situation images as well as monitor the performance, space, capacity or proactive maintenance plan of a single device, production line, cell, or the whole factory. Real-time information helps you make better and faster decisions. Fliq Dashboard makes it possible to visualize nearly all the information from the factory.