FLIQ Digital Twin

With Fliq, creating a digital twin of your factory is easier than you think.

A digital twin is born from visualizing the operating environment into an easily understandable whole. Fliq Digital Twin collects and visualizes information as well as monitors, measures and send alarms about the state of the production processes if necessary. Fliq Digital Twin means interaction between the physical and digital worlds.

Interaction is made possible in practice with integrated features:

  • The sensors and actuators in the physical worls read and send the necessary information about the processes and environment to the digital world.
  • Data transmission and integration to the platform happens by communicating through interfaces. Fliq Platform supports over 250 data transmission protocols.
  • Data is handled and refined, so it can be analyzed by any BI tool. Other outside information and databases can also be connected as a reference or to measure and validate quality.
  • Analytics and constantly updating visualization make is possible to find targets to create savings and increase quality along with ways that can help make operations more efficient and increase productivity.

Fliq Digital Twin is scalable to many different environments of use and different organizations. All the features can be found on the same platform, from a visualized 2D or 3D user interface.

Fliq Digital Twin serves the whole organization and its different levels:

  • People in charge of production receive real-time data on the functioning, efficiency and performance of the factory and its machines.
  • People in charge of maintenance benefit from automatic monitoring of machines and can predict maintenance needs that cannot be detected by just the human eye.
  • The company’s administration can acquire up-to-date data quickly to support making decisions.

A digital twin can be created from a single machine, a certain department or the whole factory.