FLIQ Platform

Efficiency and productivity with one platform

Fliq Platform is a platform that combines the most developed data visualization on the market, easy-to-use tools to make everyday operations more efficient, artificial intelligence, and top-quality wireless IoT solutions. All this can be now found easily on the same platform!

Our platform is developed in co-operation with global corporate companies. User experiences have been excellent, and the platform has received special thanks for its usability. It can solve just the challenges that create the most common bottlenecks and losses in factories.

Fliq Platform creates clear savings and increases productivity.

Digitizing a factory is easy with Fliq

Crucial elements in increasing productivity are making the production chain more transparent and improving data sharing and communication. With the help of Fliq Platform, you can transmit real-time information on the production situation, such as the state of a machine or production line, production queue, and other resources. Real-time data management is crucial when moving from reactive to proactive operations. The factory’s productivity increases when all the data can be centrally used by all interest groups.

The transition to a smart factory is easy with Fliq – no need for IT projects that last for years. Digitizing a factory offers a true opportunity to increase productivity and make operations smoother.

Implementation – fast and easy!

Implementing the Fliq Platform can be done in an agile way alongside normal work without interruptions or long introduction training periods. The implementation is done according to modern standards mostly remotely, cost-efficiently, and quickly. Implementation can be done even in just days.

Fliq Platform – a step towards leading with data

A platform model is a functioning solution as it combines the most important features from production planning to implementation under one system. All data is collected into a data warehouse (Fliq Analytics) , where it’s refined and can be analyzed by any BI tool. Artificial intelligence and geographic data can be combined into controlling resources to optimize the different processes in a factory. The platform can also be connected to third party solutions and collect information from different databases to support situation awareness and decision making.

Fliq Platform — scalable cloud-based platform

Thanks to its microservice architecture, the platform is scalable and adapts to customers’ different needs in a flexible way. The platform is built on a no lock in -ideology, which makes it easily possible to integrate third parties or develop completely new solutions on the platform through open interfaces. The platform supports over 250 different data transmission protocols and bends also to changes and challenges in the future.

Why is Fliq Platform the best-functioning platform?

  • flexible and scalable according to the company’s needs
  • ready to use right away for the customer
  • easy implementation that can be done step by step
  • clear pricing
  • Fliq combines all efficient production systems under the same platform, removing silos

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