Juuso Andsten

Work hours that adapt to one’s life situation and possibility to develop professional skills motivate working at Fliq

Juuso Andsten was in his second year of studies at VAMK when he first started working at Fliq – a road he ended up deciding to stay on. Why does Juuso feel that Fliq is a good place to work? What kind of things inspire Juuso at work and why is the smart factory concept so interesting to him?

Juuso Andsten

– When you’re studying, it’s of course important to get work experience in your own field, but when I was mapping out possible work opportunities, Fliq caught my attention especially with their interesting smart factory concept. I was a summer employee at Fliq for a couple of years and did some projects for them during my school semesters as well, Juuso tells.

In addition to this, Juuso did his thesis at Fliq. His topic was developing a modern web application customer head with Angular software development. The thesis was connected to the rewriting process of Fliq’s smart factory platform. Juuso graduated from computer engineering in spring 2018 and continued his work at Fliq after graduation. Now, he has been a full-time member of Fliq’s team for four years.

Creating value for customers by solving problems

Juuso currently works at Fliq as a Lead Developer. His work includes for example full stack software development and code reviewing. He is closely involved in customer meetings and works with very different type of software development projects.

– I still get excited about the smart factory concept. It’s interesting which parts of a company’s operation can be made more efficient with the platform: what data can we collect from the factory and how can it be used to the customer’s advantage? My focus is strongly on the coding part, Juuso explains.

Juuso is inspired by solving problems in his work. He also enjoys developing and implementing functions that bring added value to the customer, making everyday operations easier for them.

– I really enjoy solving how different needs can be fulfilled through code. Solving problems itself is very rewarding but I also enjoy the fact that this job continuously challenges you to develop yourself and your skills in different problem-solving situations, Juuso says.

Work adapts to an employee’s life situation at Fliq

Juuso describes Fliq as being a nice and relaxed work community. He especially enjoys the flexibility that allows employees to work in a way that suits their life situation and personal preferences.

– Work time is easy to fit into your life situation at Fliq – whether you have a family, are studying or know that you are most efficient in for example the evening hours. As long as work is done as agreed, we have the freedom to choose which hour of the day we do it. This has made my everyday life easier as we can organize our childcare and hobbies in a more flexible way, Juuso says.

Juuso spends his free time closely with his family but takes time for himself in for example his swimming hobby. The idea to start this new hobby sparked from the employee benefits Fliq offers to its team members.

Juuso’s goal is to be the best possible software developer

When asked about his goals and dreams for the future, Juuso says he’s very happy with his current situation.

– Right now, I want to focus on developing myself into the best possible software developer. My goal at Fliq is to be involved in many different types of customer projects and challenge my knowhow with developing different software. I want to continuously learn more, because experience and challenging yourself are the best ways to build knowhow, Juuso says.

Juuso enjoys working at Fliq and encourages others to send in an application if a job with software development is something you are interested in.

– Fliq is a good company that has a great team and positive atmosphere. There is a vast number of opportunities and interesting projects in different areas of software development, such as data analytics, machine learning, and full stack development. Here you will be able to create true added value to customers while developing yourself as a professional at the same time, Juuso tells.