Tähtipiste Oy
Veli-Jussi Tahtipiste - Fliq - Asiakastarina / Customer Case

Tähtipiste uses Fliq Platform and Fliq Smart Maintenance to build new business models

Tähtipiste is a trusted partner for boosting production efficiency. Their unique, digital approach and concept for industrial maintenance brings them, and their customers, a competitive edge.

“Fliq has given us totally new ways to improve our services. With Fliq`s platform and the Fliq Smart Maintenance tool we are now able to transparently share all relevant information regarding the workflow processes. With Fliq Platform at our core, we have been able to create new business models and provide faster service with higher quality for our customers. Since implementation, our customer satisfaction has increased significantly, and our revenue in this area has doubled.”

– Veli-Jussi Koskela, Managing Director