Mikael Svenlin named partner and new operative engine to support Fliq’s road to international markets

Engineer Mikael Svenlin has been named Fliq’s new Chief Revenue Officer. Mikael is an entrepreneur whose aim is to help startup and growth companies grow and scale their operations. In addition to Fliq, he is involved in two other startup companies. How did co-operation with Fliq first take off? What responsibilities are included in Mikael’s new role? What is he most excited about in his future with Fliq?

Mikael Svenlin

– I have a versatile background in the technology industry. During my career, I’ve been involved with many companies from growth companies to large global corporations. I’ve also worked in many different business sectors. My experience is especially in tasks where I’ve had the opportunity to lead product development and large projects, sales and marketing, production, and supply chain as well as service business units, Mikael tells.

From bottle necks in growth to updating strategy

Mikael was familiar with Fliq already a couple of years before they first started working together. What led to closer co-operation was a phone call Mikael made to catch up with Fliq’s Lassi Pukkinen.

– During that time, Fliq had many needs related to growth and productization. Mikael had ideas to offer for these, so we decided to try out our co-operation first on a small scale by analyzing bottle necks in our growth and possible solutions for them, Lassi says.

– Our co-operation took the next step when we began updating Fliq’s strategy and creating growth plans. Now we’re done with our first productizations and have put sales and marketing plans into action according to the updated strategy. During the past year, Fliq has become a close company to me – it combines nearly all the traits of a good startup, continues Mikael.

Mikael wants to especially highlight Fliq’s great team as well as the smart factory concept that holds a lot of potential and is interesting and inspiring to both customers and other stakeholders. For long, he has wanted to build and be part of a company that has a strong passion for solving large future challenges. Needless to say – he did not have to think twice when the opportunity to jump on board Fliq was offered.

– We’ve received excellent feedback from our existing products and future plans. The market for smart factories is still ripening but already growing at a high pace. We are bringing products to the market at just the right time – that’s something great to be part of. I’m especially thankful that I’ve already had the opportunity to work with our team for a while. We’ve gotten to know each other through everyday work and our values. Now we can start taking Fliq to the international market as a strong team right away, Mikael thanks.

Main responsibility in increasing revenue

In his new role, Mikael is responsible for Fliq’s sales and marketing, business development, and product and revenue management. His main responsibilities will be increasing the company’s revenue and getting Fliq’s whole team on board the company’s growth journey.

– During our growth journey, I will ensure that we unify all our processes to offer our customers the best experience and outcome possible. I’m looking forward to all the great things we have planned for this year while scaling our operations and focusing more on the international market, Mikael tells.

Mikael is naturally a curious and goal-directed person who has always chosen the more challenging road compared to the easy and comfortable one. He is motivated by large visions and making them happen, which is one of the reasons why he enjoys working with startups. Mikael believes that people, their ideas, and organizations are the ones creating something new – technology makes it possible to bring out large and effective enough changes.

– B2B buying behavior is at a turning point. We are bringing what the customers want to the market: better productivity and co-operation in an easier and faster way. Mikael is a true growth hacker whose customer-oriented and determined way of working combined with his experience in different roles in the industry and technology sectors support Fliq’s long term goals in a great way, Lassi says.