Huyen Nguyen

Room for professionals from many backgrounds – potential is a key value at Fliq

One could say that Vietnamese Huyen Nguyen doesn’t have the most traditional background when it comes to working at Fliq. How did this international business graduate end up working at a company focused on software development and programming? What kind of new interests did Fliq spark for Huyen’s future? What motivates her in working at a growth company that values self-development?

Huyen Nguyen

– I have a bachelor’s degree in international business, majoring in accounting and minoring in supply chain management. During my school years, I mainly worked with market research, managing sales data, and SEMs support related tasks, Huyen tells.

Huyen did her bachelor’s thesis on how a company can improve its sales data processing by implementing more automatic solutions for analysis. For her thesis, Huyen had to get familiar with programming languages and realized it could be something she should learn more about. She decided to join the Digitalisation Academy program available for final-year students in universities around Vaasa. The goal of the academy is to encourage students with different academic backgrounds to learn more about tech and help them connect with companies in tech field in Vaasa region for getting job, internship, or thesis work.

– My teacher at the academy saw that I was actively looking for a job after graduation and helped me get in contact with Fliq. I thought it would be interesting to get a new viewpoint to what I’ve previously studied. Fliq works with big manufacturing clients from different industries, like electronics, marine, energy, and many more, so I thought why not apply and learn more about the technical side of these, Huyen remembers

Versatile work supporting the team

There is no coding involved in Huyen’s work at Fliq, but instead she works with assuring software quality as well as many supportive tasks that help make sure everything runs smoothly with projects.

– A large part of my daily work includes software testing tasks to assure quality of software products before they move forward to customers. My tasks also include for example documentation, analyzing business requirements for implementing software, creating user guides and manuals for end users, and helping project managers prepare for presentations, Huyen tells.

In a growth company like Fliq, everything moves forward very quickly. Huyen finds it motivating how every day is a chance to learn something new, improve, and progress forward.

– I find it especially interesting to analyze product behavior when we carry out changes and testing to software. The process of understanding how things work and what causes issues when something is changed is very exciting. I’m always interested to know why something is happening, Huyen says.

Experiences at Fliq sparked a more technical road for the future

Huyen is excited to continue working and learning at Fliq. She feels that Fliq is helping her build a foundation and find out what she wants to do with her career in the future.

– In addition to my current work, I’m getting familiar with UI testing. I feel like the technical side of test automation could be something I want to learn more about in the future. I could also see myself doing a master’s degree in a more technical side of programming sometime in the future, Huyen tells.

Huyen describes Fliq as a good place to work with nice, supportive, and patient colleagues. She enjoys the fact that the company values a multicultural workplace and is very international with teammates from many different countries. Huyen’s job is challenging and fast pace but teaches something new every day and offers opportunities to tailor job assignments according to her interests and strengths. In a community that truly cares for potential and self-development, there is room for professionals from many backgrounds.

– Don’t be afraid to apply even if you come from a different background than programming. There can be great opportunities at Fliq if you just have the will, interest, and right attitude to learn. If you feel like you have the potential needed, just go for it, and highlight what your current knowhow could bring and what you would like to learn. That’s what I did, and I’ve really enjoyed my job at Fliq, Huyen encourages everyone interested in working at Fliq.